Justin Batzel

Position Profession
Firefighter Painter at the Elliott Company in Jeannette
15 years as a firefighter
15 years with Trafford
Single with 4 loving nephews and 1 niece with 1 niece on the way.
About Hobbies
Justin is a Volunteer Firefighter for Trafford Fire Co No 1, he works as a painter for the Elliot Company in Jeannette. He enjoys helping others in the community and feeling like he is making a difference. Justin loves to go fishing in his free time along with quad riding and hanging out with his best friend on the weekends. Justin is also working on his newly purchased home.
Why did you become a Firefighter?
Growing up my best friend in school, his dad was a firefighter and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world and I thought I’d wanna give it a try. So I started hanging out at the Firehall when I was 15 and the rest is history.
Favorite thing about being a Firefighter?
I love the feeling of helping others and the gratification it gives. I truly wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Hazmat Awareness
Hazmat Operations (Pro-Board)
Essentials(1-4) of Firefighting.
Firefighter I
Firefighter II
NIMS 100
NIMS 200
NIMS 700
NIMS 800
Emergency Vehicle Technician