Brian Lindbloom

Position Profession
Fire Chief Manager at Trafford EMS
40+ years as a firefighter
22 years with Trafford (2001)
About Hobbies
Brian is the Fire Chief and also manages Trafford Ambulance Service. These are two things that keep Brian very busy and give him little free time. Brian is also a Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. Being the Fire Chief and managing the Ambulance Service takes a “round the clock” commitment; in the little downtime that Brian does have, he can be found with his Grandson playing hockey, or tinkering in the garage.
Why did you become a Firefighter?
It’s hard to pinpoint one specific reason. I’m sure for the same reasons as many other firefighters, I wanted to help. I had family who were founding members of the Ambulance Service here in Trafford, and growing up around them and their colleagues, watching them respond and hearing their stories… I joined as soon as I was old enough, and I’ve been serving the community and trying to help ever since.
Favorite thing about being a Firefighter?
There are hundreds of reasons for anyone to love this profession; for me, they have changed over the years. The excitement of drilling and responding when I was young. The Parades and Community Street Fairs were always fun back in those days (so long ago). Keeping up with the science and technology changes in the fire service, and promoting up through the ranks was a new kind of excitement. Today, I find myself dealing with Budgets, Personnel, and Politics more than anything else… However; through all the years of changing responsibilities… my favorite thing about firefighting hasn’t changed… Every so often, we are in the right place, at the right time, with the training and equipment needed, to help someone. Be it something small like changing a battery in a smoke alarm or clearing a tree from the road after a storm, to something huge like saving someone from a fire or doing CPR to restart their heart… That feeling you get after, makes all the sacrifice worth it… THAT’S my favorite part of being a firefighter.
Nationally Registered Paramedic
B.S. in Applied Science

National Professional Qualification Board Certifications:
Fire Company Officer 4
Health & Safety Officer
Incident Safety Officer
General Rescuer
Vehicle Rescuer 1
Fire Inspector 3
Plans Examiner 2
Fire Service Instructor 2
Public Fire & Life Safety Educator 2
Aircraft Rescue & Firefighter
Fire Fighter 3
Driver Operator – Pumper
Driver Operator – Mobile Water Supply/Tanker
Driver Operator – Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Apparatus
Hazardous Materials Operations
Hazardous Materials Awareness

Along with thousands of hours attending training at the national, state, county, and local levels over a nearly 40-year career.