Life Members

Life (retired) Members of the Trafford Fire Co. No. 1

An individual that serves the company for at least 15 years as an Active Member can apply to become a Life Member. A Life Member may continue to serve as a firefighter as long as they continue to meet the established training requirements. Over the years, many Life Members have continued serving the company in an administrative capacity, such as Treasurer or President.  The following individuals have achieved the status of Life Member of the Trafford Fire Company since 1925:

 Name Name
1 Thomas Mainey*41 Michael Lebbano*
2 Clyde G. Brandt*42 James Vecchio*
3 Warren Cherry*43 Petro Capozzi*
4 Everett R. McCall*44 William E. Daugherty*
5 J. Frank McGara*45 David Minto*
6 Joseph M. Leonard*46 John Love*
7 Ben L. Bolden*47 Emanual Krupar
8 Al L. Freed*48 William Camp*
9 W. Perry Huggins*49 Steve Perovich*
10 Raymond Detrick*50 Alfred Cavalancia*
11 John M. Briney*51 Andrew Chernega*
12 Harvey J. Campbell*52 Edward Arlotti*
13 Alfred Steiner*53 Michael Rantovich*
14 August O. Mattern Sr.*54 George Valmassoni*
15 Murray H. Wilson*55 Nicholas Jakola*
16 J. Edward Maguire*56 Thomas Babeo*
17 Michael Mazur*57 Edward Cigich
18 James M. Leffler, Jr.*58 John Ungerman*
19 Hernon Koon*59 David Ritter*
20 James E. Lovett*60 Elmer F. W. Shumar*
21 Arvel C. Scales*61 Robert Skatell
22 John Hursh*62 Jay F. Stokes
23 Ross Loutsenhizer*63 Louis Booher
24 Michael Martino*64 Mark S. Kozubal
25 Alfred F. Schneider*65 Darrel W. Wiser*
26 George Miller*66 Dennis R. Wiser
27 Albert H. Heinritz*67 Russell Geiger
28 William N. Daugherty*68 Frank Stanisic*
29 Andrew Washko*69 Robert Geiger
30 Joseph Barsic*70 Robert Niehl*
31 Matthew Dragan*71 George L. Brown
32 George B. Johnston*72 David L. Hykes
33 Wayne R. Mikach*73 George A. Brown
34 Vincent Zigarovich*74 Kevin L. Beam, Jr.
35 Robert F. Snyder, Sr.*75 Christopher D. Hykes
36 John J. Comito*76 Frank Turoczy
37 Weslie Wiser*77 Robert W. Rhody
38 Raymond Watterson*78 Matt Foust
39 Robert Sonovick* 79 Robert Beers Jr
40 Thomas Bozzick80 


* Deceased


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